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Crydom's innovative Motion Control solutions leverage the advantage of having an all solid state design making them ideal for motor and motion control applications where precise control, long life and higher PWM frequencies are essential to achieve high performance and reliable operations.

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DC Output

DP SeriesPower Plus DC SeriesDRA Series Contactor

Crydom’s DC Motion Control products utilize advanced DC switching technology with low power dissipation power FETs coupled with high performance optical coupling which provides reliable high power DC switching up to 160 Amp and operating voltages up to 300 VDC.

Furthermore, Crydom Motion Control products offer the latest in DC Solid State Power control by virtue of Crydom’s advanced high speed DC switching circuit for on/off or PWM control up to 1 KHz.

DC Output products

AC Output

Solicon DRC Series53 Series Motor ReversingSeriesOne DR Timer

There are a number of conditions that must be considered when selecting the appropriate motor controller to Start/Stop modern electrical AC motors and associated machinery. These conditions include frequency of starting and stopping, whether light or heavy duty starting, required frequency of reversal, smooth starting/stopping requirements, etc. Crydom offers a wide range AC single phase and 3 phase solid state relays and contactors rated up to 25 HP @ 600 VAC which are suitable for literally hundreds of AC output Motion Control applications.

AC Output products

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