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Episode 1

How to perform an operational on-off test on a solid state relay

Episode 2

How to correctly install a panel mounted Solid State Relay to a panel or heat sink

Episode 3

How operating conditions of Solid State Relays and Contactors impact their output rating

White Papers

Solid State Relay Reliability (Size: 248Kb)

MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure):

Reliability Prediction for Solicon DRC series
Reliability Prediction for CX480D5, D2D40, DRA3P48E4, H12WD4850

Total Cost of Ownership using Solid State Relays (Size: 518Kb)

Three Phase Solid State Relays & Their Application in Three Phase Heating Circuits (Size: 738Kb)

Heat Sink Selection (Size: 232Kb)

The Effect of Forced Air Cooling on Heat Sink Thermal Ratings (Size: 157Kb)

The Selection and use of Thermal Interface Material for Solid State Relay Applications (Size: 248Kb)

Solid Statements (Newsletter)

Using SSRs in parallel and/or series (Size: 187Kb)

Protecting SSRs against short circuit and overcurrent (Size: 1,170Kb)

Protecting AC Output SSRs Against Voltage Transient Phenomena (Size: 1,442Kb)

Solid State Relays (SSRs) Switching Types? (Size: 922Kb)

What is a Solid State Contactor? (Size: 969Kb)

The Life Expectancy of Solid State Relays (Size: 1,276Kb)

Solid State Relays (SSRs) vs Electromechanical Relays (EMRs) (Size: 488Kb)

Coil Suppression & DC Output Solid State Relays (Size: 2,859Kb)

How to Bench Test a Solid State Relay (Size: 3,244Kb)

PCB Mount SSRs (Size: 4,057Kb)

Dual SSRs (Size: 2,841Kb)

Hybrid SSRs (Size: 1,583Kb)

Estimating SCR Temperature (Size: 2,331Kb)

Tech Tips

Selecting a Solid State Relay (Size: 1,077Kb)

Crydom's Solid State Relay "P" Option for Overvoltage Protection (Size: 1,659Kb)

SSR - The inside story (Size: 1,301Kb)

DC Output Solid State Relays (Size: 1,534Kb)

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